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Inland Northwest Machine Quilters Guild

Promoting the Art  & Love of Machine Quilting!!


Membership Dues are $25 per calendar year

Please note that the membership dues paid via website includes a service charge of $3.72.  If dues are mailed to our post office, they will be only $25.00.

MemberShip Dues 2020 - Dues 2020

Membership Dues: Annual dues for each calendar year are due and collected in November for the next year’s membership. Everyone’s membership expires at the end of December regardless of the time of the year they joined. Youth membership’s annual dues are the same. Youth under age 16 require an INMQ member sponsor for their membership approval.

It is important to pay your membership dues no later than January 31, 2023 or you will be taken off the emailing of agendas, minutes, newsletter, challenges, speaker classes, and any other information that may be distributed to members.

Questions about membership email: [email protected]